V​/​A - " DOMESTIC LANDSCAPE VOL​.​1 " 2014 REF​.​DOM18​-​L

by V/A



We feel so glad to introduce Domestic Landscape (Subterranean Synth-Wave Compilation). It is difficult to describe this album without using typical and recurring terms such as: ‘extremely weird’ or ‘very rare to find’…although it is inarguably true, and on this occasion we have wanted to go farther: we introduce you a selection of songs which, most of them, have never been released in physical format and can't be found in any other digital media until nowadays. Other few were published in very limited editions in cassette format, usually aimed at a local promotion of a kind of music which was totally inaccessible to the crowds, more than thirty years ago…

Domestic Landscape is a compilation formed by ten groups from all over the world; Moss Garten, A Haunted Sawmill, Son Of Sam, Artificial Organs... Some names will be familiar to those who have followed Domestica Records from the start, since about 2011, and it is the first time that we publish other formations such as Hymn, Moral, El, Drem Bruinsma, Nostalgie Éternelle or No Honey From These, and in any case it is the first time that these songs appear in vinyl.

Domestic Landscape is not a very common or habitual compilation, at least that is what we intended. Here you will find very different sounds, difficult to label, a range of songs made in a moment which is crucial to us, unknown but, at the same time, wonderful in the endless history of our beloved music. Finally, let us invite you to listen to this document so that you can judge it yourselves but, above all, our most important wish is that you enjoy it.

Edition of 450 numbered copies. Double side handmade printed cover. Album presented in a special die-cut jacket and heavy green cardboard sleeve. It includes an insert (30x30 cm) with extra information.


released July 21, 2014

Hymn "Around The Bed", Sex & Bestiality Cassette Box Set Compilation (Bain Total, France, 1984). Edition of 666 copies.

Drem Bruinsma "Landscape Shifting Left & Right", Tribute To A Threadbare Bridge Album Cassette (Self-released, The Netherlands, 1983). Edition of 350 copies.

Moss Garten "Black and White", Demo/Unreleased (Sweden, 1985).

Nostalgie Éternelle "Absorbed In Thought", Suoni Distorti Cassette Compilation (Stella Mars Product, Italy, 1988). Recorded in Leer, Germany.

A Haunted Sawmill "Epitaph" Original Version, Demo/Unreleased (United Kingdom, 1987). Self-released Cassette, edition of 25 copies (approximate).

Son Of Sam "Shameless", Sex & Bestiality Cassette Box Set Compilation (Bain Total, France, 1984). Edition of 666 copies, recorded in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Artificial Organs "This Is The World", Demo/Unreleased (Australia, 1980-1981).

Moral "Frosty Nights", Whispering Sons Cassette Album (Adselservice, Denmark, 1982).

El "Og Tilslutt", Demo 85 Cassette Album (Piivv, Norway, 1985).

No Honey From These "Ten", Demo/Unreleased (The Netherlands, 1983).

Compiled by Domestica Records
Mastered 2014 by Yves Roussel
(C) (P) 2014 Domestica Records


all rights reserved



Domestica Barcelona, Spain

Domestica Records is an independent label born in 2011 in Barcelona and launched with the intention to create a personal and original identity. We are devoted to releasing lost pieces of underground music and our focus of attention and inspiration is basically electronic avantgarde music and visual art from the 80s. ... more

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